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– There are NO guarantees with any of our services. Therefore we do not offerefunds based on results.
– We do not offer refunds if your account has renewed for any reason. Please make sure you have cancelled so the payment doesn’t come out again next month. This is YOUR responsibility not ours

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How to cancel if you joined via the WEBSITE

If you joined any service on this website then you can cancel here directly.

How to cancel if you joined via PAYPAL

To cancel your PayPal recurring payment, login with PayPal and follow PayPal’s instructions on how to cancel a subscription. In short, you need to find the preapproved payments menu or the transaction where you set up the subscription (or the last transaction sending funds to JMIR) and select cancel.

How to cancel if you joined via AB SPORTS

Message Aidan on +447377358496

How to cancel if you joined via STRIPE

Message me directly on +447507443200